Summerfest 2018 Media Assets

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Julie Dieckelman
Public Relations Manager
(414) 270-6517

Electronic Press Kit

Summerfest 2018 EPK (ZIP 370MB)

Logos and Guidelines

Logos (ZIP 40MB)

Summerfest Logo Usage (PDF 1MB)

Summerfest Brand Guidelines (PDF 2MB)

Summerfest Social Media Guidelines (PDF 140kb)

Festival Information and Story Ideas

Festival Overview (PDF 200kb)

Summerfest 2018 Boilerplate (PDF 140kb)

Summerfest 2018 Preliminary Schedule (PDF 13MB)


New Food and Fashion Press Release (PDF 200kb)

Food and Beverages Menu Items (PDF 60kb)


Press Photos (ZIP 300MB)

Press Releases

Press Releases (ZIP 4MB)


Summerfest 2018 Headliner Poster (PDF 1MB)


2018 Summerfest Brochure (PDF 12MB)

2018 Summerfest Family Fun Brochure (PDF 1MB)


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