Summerfest to me is one of the most amazing places for someone to experience music.  I say experience, because you can go see a single band anywhere in the world on any night.  But at Summerfest there are so many different sounds, from all genres of music all spilling over into one big orchestral explosion, it can only be described as an experience.

I’ve discovered some of the most amazing music over the years at Summerfest from Kenny Wayne Shepherd to Florence and the Machine, Lupe Fiasco and Fitz and the Tantrums.  Every year I discover someone or something totally new.

The greatest part of Summerfest and what I recommend everyone do at least one day of Summerfest (if not every day) is start at one end of the festival grounds right as the headliners all get on stage (usually around 10pm).  Start at either the ULine stage at the north end or BMO Harris Pavilion at the south end and watch two songs, then move to the next stage. Watch two songs from whoever is playing there and move on to the next. On and on until you’ve reached the other end of the grounds.  You will see and hear so much, and most likely discover so much different music that you probably never would have if not for being at Summerfest. 

That can only be described as one thing… and experience.