Immortal Girlfriend

Immortal Girlfriend


July 3 - 7:00 PM @ Harley-Davidson Roadhouse

Immortal Girlfriend

Immortal Girlfriend is thoroughly immersed in their niche of retro inspired electronic music. Moving vocals croon over infectious baselines, balanced with atmospheric tones.


William and Kevin Bush, brothers, have been making music under the name ‘Immortal Girlfriend’ since 2016, but their musical journey spans much longer than that. 


After years of creating, they moved into a recording studio. When both of them lost their jobs on the same day, they committed full force to utilizing the studio to the depths of it’s ability and creating an EP. Three months of writing sessions culminated in ‘Daybreak,’ a six-song tour de force of their distinctive and unique style. 


‘Daybreak’ was independently released June of 2017, and since then has been played far and wide, the title track enjoying ample airtime on the locally beloved 88.9 Radio Milwaukee.


Since the firestorm that resulted from their first body of work, the duo has rode the wave into numerous Milwaukee venues, including but not limited to Turner Hall and the Cactus Club, as well as into festivals such as Arte Para Todos. They use their skills and resources as well to build the Milwaukee scene -producing for other artists as well as releasing emotional, genuine, and retro inspired electronic music. 

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