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Business Inquiries

Food & Beverage Vendors
We are no longer accepting new food & beverage vendor inquiries for the 2015 season. Please check back with us in October for more information regarding opportunities for Summerfest 2016. If you have previously inquired and received an application for Summerfest 2015, there is still time to submit your information.

Exhibitors & Marketers
Summerfest is the premier setting to create memorable experiences that attract and engage consumers.

Summerfest Street Team
Summer’s coming and you know that that means… Summerfest!
Would you like to partner with the World’s Largest Music Festival, raise awareness for Summerfest and bring some excitement to your business or event? The Summerfest Street Team brings fun and excitement on-site with a professional staff who engage your guests with games, prizes, information and giveaways. Help create awareness and excitement for Summerfest and drive traffic to your business by promoting Summerfest ticket giveaways, it’s a win, win! If you’re interested in having the Summerfest Street Team at your business or event, please complete and submit this form no later than two weeks prior to the date you’re requesting. Completion of this form does not guarantee Street Team availability. You will be contacted by a Summerfest representative to confirm.

Business Ticket Programs
Host clients, entertain your colleagues and employees, or host a private party with friends.

As "The World's Largest Music Festival", this destination music event/property delivers great marketing opportunities for brands before, during and after the event.

Marketplace Vendors
Patrons will enjoy a wide array of marketplace vendors at Summerfest, set against Lake Michigan and downtown backdrops, creating a shopping experience like no other.

Entertainment Inquiries
Bands that are contracted to play at Summerfest can find all of the necessary information and details related to their performance here.