July 4 - 4:30 PM @ Uline Warehouse Stage


I found my habitat the day I wrote 'Be Like You.' It showed me a way out of the woods, and I entered the Wild. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to embrace the adventures of the unknown.” CVBZ emerges from the cold embrace of those branches; wide-eyed and hopeful. Answering that distant voice in all of us to do more; leaving the rain-soaked permagrey of Portland, OR; taking his physical and musical body to the wide open future awaiting him in Southern California. The first defiant step of that journey for CVBZ begins with his stunning debut single, “Be Like You."

With all the makings of a hit record, while also fully immersed in the undefinable uniqueness that is CVBZ, “Be Like You” has already amassed well over 4 million streams on Spotify, entering viral territory in the US, Canada, the UK, and Belgium, where it’s peaked at #1 on its respective chart. The song is perfect parts trop-house and pop, exploring the landscape of admiration for another soul. It has been featured on Spotify playlists including New Music Friday, Chill Tracks, dancePOP, and Fun Work Out, among others. On YouTube, the song has been supported by stylish channels Mr Revillz, The Vibe Guide XO and Cloud Kid and has received online coverage from PopOnAndOn, ThisSongSlaps and AllThingsGo. CVBZ; a bit of a mad musical scientist; shapes his ideas and original productions on his phone; while still immersed in the real world around him; allowing the songs, while being gigantic pop songs, to still feel honest and intimate because of the creative process. While originally self-released, CVBZ has now partnered with Ultra and Sony labels worldwide to expose this captivating single to eager ears worldwide.

"I always wanted to be something different: someone else, somewhere new. We all aspire to be better— like that certain "someone"— I wrote 'Be Like You' was when I finally realized I was that person all along," explains CVBZ. "This song is the culmination of six years of exploratory music making, two years of study abroad, a run down iPhone 5 and a perfect concoction of self-discovery." This is the song that helped CVBZ find both himself and the identity of the project.

“'Be Like You' was written for people like myself, who dance along the outskirts of society, orbiting the normative sociosphere, just waiting for something to give," says CVBZ. "It's human nature to want more, to be better, to fit in— after all, where would humanity be if we never sought to improve our existence?— but perfection is ephemeral. It is 'the great lie' of human consciousness, because if all parts were built the same, the whole cannot function. When I realized this, I knew I was ready to be something special— me.”

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