Domenic Marte

Domenic Marte is not only multi-talented, but a man with a bright future ahead. Of the 16 songs that cohabit in 1st album, he wrote six on "Intimamente" and alson on "Deseos De Amarte" and the NEW album " The Voice". He not only wrote but alson majestically produced one of the tracks, "Find Another Man" on the first album "Intimamente". That alone makes quite a statement as to the many hats Domenic Marte is capable of wearing artis, producer and song write. Four of the album tracks are performed in English while the remainder of the album is in Spanish on "Intimamente". The album consists of a variety of musical styles from latin Pop and Bachata to some smoothed out R&B. The first single, "Ven Tu" in 2004 with close to 2 million hits on YouTube was sizzling in every sense of the word; a modern day Bachata, spiced with Latin emotion, passion style and flavor, produced by Gio Williams and brilliantly written by Wascar Brazoban, but it's Domenic Marte soulful sense of interpretation that makes the song sultry and alive. Today "Ven Tu" is a worldwide hit in many Latin Countries around the world and Europe. The album "Intimamente" also had other hit songs like "Ella Se Llevo Mi Vida Feat Geraldine" "La Quiero" "Ya Que Te Vas A Ir" were all top 10 songs on Latin Tropical, Spanish Contemporary and Regional Mexican radio stations around the US and abroad.