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Business Inquiries

Food & Beverage Vendors
Summerfest typically looks for applicants that currently own and operate a restaurant in the Milwaukee area. In selecting a vendor for our program, we also look for diversity of product and festival experience of applicant.

Exhibitors & Marketers
Summerfest is the premier setting to create memorable experiences that attract and engage consumers.

Business Ticket Programs
Host clients, entertain your colleagues and employees, or host a private party with friends.

As "The World's Largest Music Festival", this destination music event/property delivers great marketing opportunities for brands before, during and after the event.

Marketplace Vendors
Patrons will enjoy a wide array of marketplace vendors at Summerfest, set against Lake Michigan and downtown backdrops, creating a shopping experience like no other.

Entertainment Inquiries
Bands that are contracted to play at Summerfest can find all of the necessary information and details related to their performance here.