Emerging Artists Series

Emerging Artist Series 2014

The stage will again feature breaking and up and coming bands via the Emerging Artists Series each day from 3:00 to 7:30 pm. Not only will fans be able to use their cell phones to vote for their favorite bands in the series, but U.S. Cellular® will again offer Pix-2-ScreenTM and Text-2-ScreenTM, which allows patrons to send pictures and text messages to a large screen next to the stage. Each day of the festival, the band with the most texts associated with their name will win an "Emerging Artists Series Care Package" consisting of products from major equipment manufacturers that include Sennheiser Microphones and Headphones, Zildjian Cymbals, Hal Leonard Publishing, GHS Strings, Rocktron Effects, Best-Tronics Audio Cables and more. This year's prize package will include gear and merchandise with a total value of over $2,000.

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June 25

Communist Daughter
Download tracks Not The Kid
3:00 pm : Communist Daughter
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

A few years ago John Solomon walked away from music. After a long struggle with addiction and a brief stint in jail he broke up his band and moved to a small town in Wisconsin. And supposedly that was that. Although Solomon left music, music never left him. After a long hiatus, he called some friends to come to his small town and begin demos on a new album, its in that small town where he met Molly Moore and she promised to sing with him if he got sober. This group of friends, this base of songs, and this life of struggle gives us Communist Daughter.

Caroline Smith
Download tracks Magazine
4:15 pm : Caroline Smith
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Merging '90s R&B and neo-soul with her indie-rock roots, Caroline Smith's new music has settled comfortably into a new backdrop as she takes a step from girl to woman. Half About Being a Woman is a record about self-acceptance and growing into yourself; it's about going back to the roots of 'feel-good' music. "I wanted to find my way back to the reason why I started playing music in the first place," says Smith. "Over the last year I began to embrace that being a strong, confident, opinionated woman is something to be proud of, not subdued. I have to embrace where my roots are and stay true to who I am: an unabashed fan of 90's R&B, pop, and neo-soul."

The Belle Brigade
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5:30 pm : The Belle Brigade
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Founded by siblings Barbara and Ethan Gruska, The Belle Brigade’s music is artfully arranged, with enticing melodies and pop harmonies, fueled by the interplay of driving rhythms between Barbara's drums and Ethan's guitars. Both are gifted songwriters – finding inspiration in the works of Peter Gabriel, John Lennon, The Beach Boys, Sly Stone, Harry Nilsson and countless others. The Belle Brigade’s self-­-titled debut (co-­-produced with Matthew Wilder) was hailed as one of the best albums of 2011 by PASTE. Ann Powers, writing for the Los Angeles Times, took note of the "memorable voices and considerable charisma within songs that gleam with hooks and pour over with earnest emotion” while Newsday praised the album’s “sun-­-kissed '70s SoCal sound” and SPIN observed, “The brother and sister team from LA, bring beautiful harmonies to their quirky folk rock.” Their new album, "Just Because," was recorded with engineer and co-­-producer Shawn Everett and mastered by the legendary Bob Ludwig. It will be released by ATO Records on March 25, 2014. When they find time away from the band, both are active players and writers for other projects -­- Ethan has recorded as a vocalist and multi instrumentalist for many Los Angeles based artists and Barbara is a sought-­-after drummer who has played with Fiona Apple, Jenny Lewis, Benji Hughes and many others.

Nightmare & The Cat
6:45 pm : Nightmare & The Cat
Hometown: London, UK

Los Angeles-based rockers Nightmare and the Cat formed in 2010, but the musical powerhouses that lead the five-piece — 23-year-old front man Django Stewart and 26-year-old guitarist Sam Stewart — go way back. All the way back. Growing up in England, Sam watched as his 6-year-old brother Django developed a fanatical love of James Brown. Django saw his older sibling pick up a guitar for the first time at age 12 and immediately master a Nirvana songbook. But while the two pursued parallel musical paths — Sam with Blondelle, Django with Midnight Squires — they didn't contemplate forming a band together until Sam rang up Django and asked his little brother to join him for a songwriting session in L.A. three years ago. "I was just so fucking happy when he said that," Django remembers. "He came for 10 days, and we wrote five songs," Sam recalls, joking, "it was probably our most prolific period." The results were too good to ignore, and their new band, their first truly joint effort, was born. Their debut LP, entitled "Simple", is out July 8th on Capitol Records.

June 26

Jule Vera
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3:00 pm : Jule Vera
Hometown: Opelika, AL

Jule Vera is a young female-fronted Alternative band from Alabama. Influences like The Killers, Queen, and No Doubt help the raw, pop melodies and emotional lyrics fit in a rock groove. Since their start in 2013 they have played with artists including American Authors, Wild Cub, Terraplane Sun, and David Cook throughout the southeast. Jule Vera is currently writing for their debut release.

Midnight Reruns
Download tracks GOING NOWHERE
4:15 pm : Midnight Reruns
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Rock n’ roll sometimes seems like a lost cause. However, once in a blue moon, a band like Midnight Reruns will come along and restore our faith in the cleansing power of guitars, drums, melody and of course, a good story. Their to-the-point self-titled debut LP – released 11/12/13 on Good Land Records -- is the manifestation of everything these guys hold dear when it comes to music. Midnight Reruns are one of those bands that make discerning listeners rejoice in the pure joy of rock n’ roll. Do yourself a favor and be one of those listeners. - Keith Brammer of Die Kreuzen

The Lower 48
Download tracks Rabbit Hole
5:30 pm : The Lower 48
Hometown: Portland, OR

Energetic pop-rockers, The Lower 48, hail from the American West Coast. Vintage inspiration and the band's own youth combine perfectly in their catchy yet dance-able rock. Driven both by steady rhythms and the trio's tight vocal harmonies, The Lower 48 have masterfully updated 60's garage and psychedelia adding modern flair, fresh arrangements, and incredibly keen pop sensibilities thanks to their youthful spirit and an utter dedication to the craft. Three records under their belt and a calendar chock full of tour dates... be on the lookout for your next favorite band, they're coming.

The Record Company
6:45 pm : The Record Company
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

The Record Company is a rock/blues/roots trio based in Los Angeles. Steeped in the classic sounds of Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker along with the raw rock and roll of The Stooges and The Yardbirds, The Record Company have burst onto the scene in a very short time. Their live show has quickly become acclaimed throughout North America and has drawn capacity audiences from Los Angeles to Montreal. With their new EP Superdead, the band has been receiving strong airplay at AAA and college radio throughout the United States and Canada and have been featured on L.A. Weekly, Time Out L.A. and XPN/The Key. 2013 will see the band appearing at Montreal Jazz Festival, Summerfest (Milwaukee), Quebec City International Summer Festival, Ottawa Bluesfest, and Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival amongst others. While never trying to simply emulate the great masters, the band have found their own fresh take on the music and can best be described as a group giving a 21st century nod to a timeless art form.

June 27

Friendly People
Download tracks New York
3:00 pm : Friendly People
Hometown: Boston, MA

Since the release of their debut album Shake in 2012, Friendly People have performed at festivals such as SXSW, CBGB Fest, and CMJ. The band has also shared the stage with notable acts such as Mother Mother, San Fermin, JJAMZ and You Won't and have created a steadily growing fan base in the Northeast area. The band started 2014 with a highly successful trip to SXSW and the release of a new video for non-album track "Hello Montana." With five minds and five million ideas, the result is Friendly People: folk-infused indie rock, hand-crafted to make you feel at home. Friendly People formed in 2011, performing extensively in the greater Boston area, New York, Maryland, Connecticut and Rhode Island. On the heels of the success of their debut EP, the band completed a self booked East Coast Tour in August of 2012 and released their full length debut, entitled Shake on December 13, 2012. The record was produced, engineered, and mixed by Friendly People. Since the release of Shake, the local and national blogosphere has been swift in recognizing Friendly People's success and potential.

Download tracks Love Will Be Enough
4:15 pm : Seabird
Hometown: Independence, KY

Poor Young Things
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5:30 pm : Poor Young Things
Hometown: Thunder Bay, ON

You can try and find a gutsier, harder working, more determined bunch than Toronto’s Poor Young Things. But even if you succeed, it’s doubtful you’ll also find one as clearly positioned for greatness. Just two years after collectively relocating from Thunder Bay, the pop-rock quintet has issued a massive, sweat-soaked, insanely confident debut, The Heart. The Head. The End. Not only that, they’ve picked up marquee management, a Sirius XM Emerging Artist of the Year award, spots on Canadian and US festivals, and a swelling fan base. Few can make something as tough as pursuing a dream look so damn easy.

Vic and Gab
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6:45 pm : Vic and Gab
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Vic and Gab are a song writing sister duo who play mesmerizing, grooving and powerfully catchy indie pop. The band took off in early 2011 with an opportunity to have a song featured on MTV’s fleeting teen series Skins and have since made a momentous amount of headway in their career. Hard at work since the release of their EP Bridges and Guns in March 2012. Vic and Gab have played significant festivals like Summerfest, Vans Warped Tour and Midpoint Music Festival. The band has opened for acts like An Horse, The Features, Low and Smoking Popes among others. One of the bands culminating moments was playing at President Obama’s Re-Election Rally in front of over 18,000 people. The girls have created a buzz in their home town Milwaukee wrapping up 2012 with a nomination from RadioMilwaukee Music Awards for Album of the Year and Band of the Year. Bumping elbows with bands like Field Report and Jaill the band also made the Shepherd Express list of The Essential Milwaukee Albums of 2012.

June 28

The Stone Foxes
3:00 pm : The Stone Foxes
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

The core of any rock band worth their salt is a deep respect for the fundamentals – a feel that’s redolent of the scare-the-parents, back country, wild juke joint origins – and an abiding drive to carve out one’s own unique territory. The friction between these impulses is where good things happen, and it’s the place San Francisco’s The Stone Foxes - spear headed by brothers Shannon Koehler (drums, harp, vocals) and Spence Koehler (lead guitar, vocals) ) - have resided since their 2008 debut, young men dedicated to keeping rock engaged and succulently alive. As for right now the Stone Foxes are focused almost solely on writing. “During shows we'll be trying out some new stuff, “ says Shannon “and then we'll huddle back in the studio and start cranking the stuff out. We're really excited about the sound. The rock is raw, blues is the filter. We can't wait to share it in the new year and get back on the road.” The Stone Foxes are preparing to release a new full length album in 2014.

The Traveling Suitcase
Download tracks The Hunter Off the Ground
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4:15 pm : The Traveling Suitcase
Hometown: Oshkosh, WI

The Traveling Suitcase is a 3-piece rock outfit from Oshkosh, WI. Starting in 2010, the Suitcase has been unpacking all over the country having toured to Seattle, Nashville, Colorado, and all over the Midwest. Their musical amalgamation slams their listeners into a world of medicinal bass lines, teeth whitening guitar solos, and ecstatic songs that awaken our inner child. Those fortunate enough to experience a Traveling Suitcase performance are sure to come back again for another listen, and then another, for the band excels in bringing large groups of people back in line with reality. Drawing influence from the musical styling’s of The Doors, Led Zeppelin, and My Morning Jacket; Traveling Suitcase creates a landscape of dominate independent rock and roll. Breaking loose from tradition, lead singer/drummer Nicole Rae is sparked with emotion, animation and discipline. Rae's voice and lyrics are captivating while the band collectively compliments each performance. Blending music from every corner of time and style, Suitcase packs authenticity.

The Delta Saints
Download tracks Cigarette
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5:30 pm : The Delta Saints
Hometown: Nashville, TN

The Delta Saints are not what they say they are. Delta? Absolutely. But saints? One might call them “cautionary tales” long before the term “saints” ever came to mind; however, there is something devout about their bayou rock, a dirty, distinct sound they’ve zealously refined on their debut full-length, Death Letter Jubilee. Ben Ringel (vocals/dobro), Dylan Fitch (guitar), David Supica (bass), and Ben Azzi (drums) each moved to Nashville for college in 2007 and first found common ground as old-world-loving, goodbourbon- swilling musicians. As the howling vocals and immense energy of their live show began garnering notoriety, The Saints rode their roots rock wave right into the studio. On the heels of 2009’s Pray On EP and 2010’s follow-up A Bird Called Angola, the band toured tirelessly, playing more than 150 shows a year, including a slot at Arkansas’ Wakarusa Festival and two summers headlining in Europe during which they performed on the long-running, renowned German TV show Rockpalast.

6:45 pm : Lily & the Parlour Tricks
Hometown: New York, NY

Lily & The Parlour Tricks' influences range from The Andrews Sisters and The Everly Brothers to Nine Inch Nails and The White Stripes. They pay respect to the past, indulge in the present, and march steadily into the future with their idiosyncratic brew of siren-song harmonies, thundering bass + drums and wickedly distorted guitar. They provided the soundtrack to a new BMW commercial with their single "Belle Gunness", a "....tense, stomping electric gospel [which] definitely takes things to the next level with a newfound sonic boldness" (The Deli Magazine) They are presently working with producer Emery Dobyns on a series of new recordings in Nashville, set for 2014 release.

June 29

White Arrows
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3:00 pm : white Arrows
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

White Arrows, a four-piece who met in Los Angeles, began touring almost as soon as they formed, hitting the road with Cults, White Denim and The Naked and Famous, and performing at festivals like Coachella and Sasquatch. The transitory, continuous nature of touring meant that their 2012 debut album, Dry Land Is Not A Myth, was created in bouts, pulled together over the course of almost two years. After Coachella last year, the band finally returned home with no obligations set out before them and allowed the creative process to take them whenever it would.

4:15 pm : Wolvereen
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Wolvereen is made up of four Chicago girls, Liv, Nonie, Madison and Devin, who have written and played together for the last six years. Friends since they were three and now they are 16 and 17 (and 25), Wolvereen's sound is a combination of Blondie, Joan Jett and Haim. Having played Lollapalooza, toured with Lissie and are the youngest band to headline at Metro Chicago, Wolvereen (formerly Purple Apple) is gearing up to release their new EP, produced by veteran music writer/producer, Mike Chapman.

Colour of London
5:30 pm : Colour of London
Hometown: Nashville, TN

“As shady as it sounds, we met on Craigslist,” explains Nate, who responded to an ad posted by Jimmie some time in 2009. They spoke on the phone briefly about Jimmie’s search for a guitar player. “But there was a bit of divine intervention involved,” Later that week, Jimmie and Nate happened to meet on the set of a television show. They were introduced as strangers, realized the coincidence and quickly became friends. The two started out playing Jimmie’s solo material at shows and writer’s rounds in Nashville. In the studio, Nate would play guitar on Jimmie’s tracks; naturally they began writing music together. After awhile it was clear that there was a shared vision. Both had moved to Nashville as individual musicians in serious pursuit of their careers, and they decided to move in that direction together.

The Living Statues
6:45 pm : The Living Statues
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Established in 2012 in the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Living Statues are guitarist/vocalist Tommy Shears, drummer Chris Morales, and bassist Alex Thornburg. On stage they've been compared to "a shot of adrenaline” and described as "edgy, dangerous and unpredictable," yet, in their own words, they're just “a rock 'n' roll band from the Great Midwest.” The Living Statues released their official debut, the Knockin' EP, on April 8, 2014.

July 1

Briar Rabbit
Download tracks So Long
3:00 pm : Briar Rabbit
Hometown: Chicago, IL

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Download tracks Shiny Penny
4:15 pm : Whips
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

5:30 pm : Mike Mains & The Branches
Hometown: Owosso, MI

Citizen Zero
6:45 pm : Citizen Zero
Hometown: Detroit, MI

Citizen Zero's sophomore EP “Life Explodes”, featuring lead vocalist Josh Mayle, guitarist Sammy Boller, and brothers Greg Dudley on bass and John Dudley on drums, was released in October 2012 and produced by Kid Rock's long-time recording engineer Al Sutton at his Rustbelt Studios and Kid Rock’s lead guitarist Marlon Young, with contributions by Sponge lead singer Vinnie Dombroski. The EPs first single "DOA Sunday" can be heard on WRIF, Detroit's largest active rock station. Citizen Zero creates thoughtful and meaningful modern rock. Their songs sound like instant classics without being dated, with lyrics that are relevant but never trendy. But most importantly, Citizen Zero ROCKS. After the release of their first EP, Detroit Rock Blog heralded Citizen Zero as “Detroit’s next great hard rock hope." Citizen Zero has recently shared the stage with Kid Rock, ZZ Top, Halestorm, Living Colour, Everlast, and Switchfoot. The band inked a production deal in 2013 with Marlon Young and Al Sutton, and they are currently recording their first full-length album.

July 2

Workout Music
3:00 pm : Workout Music
Hometown: Chicago, IL

In June 2010, Workout Music won WGN's Breakthrough Band contest which landed them a $10k recording at I.V. Lab Studios. Since then WM has gained popularity throughout Chicago headlining gigs at the House of Blues, Double Door and Elbo Room. Workout Music prides themselves on their explosive live shows; creating dance party atmospheres with confetti, silly string, balloons, bubbles, custom projection and of course, Jameson. Dance.Sweat.Rock is the motto - and exactly what you'll get.

4:15 pm : HIGHS
Hometown: Toronto, ON

HIGHS is a pop band. Formed in Toronto in late 2012, the band had its beginnings with a trio of bedroom demos created by guitarist Doug Haynes. These demos, with their driving afro-beat rhythms, guitar hooks and layered harmonies, provided the initial musical foundation for the band when it expanded into a five-piece. The demo tracks were put out online, garnering recognition from a variety of international critics and providing the band with a foothold to play a significant number of shows including prominent Canadian festivals like NXNE and Canadian Music Week. These formative songs would have their sound developed and diversified when HIGHS was fully formed with keyboardist Karrie Douglas, drummer Kevin Ledlow and guitarist Joel Harrower.

Young Buffalo
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5:30 pm : Young Buffalo
Hometown: Oxford, MS

Parade Of Lights
Download tracks Golden
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6:45 pm : Parade Of Lights
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Parade of Lights are an alt-electro band based in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Comprised of Ryan Daly, Anthony Improgo, Michelle Ashley and Randy Schulte, the group combines equal parts rock, new wave, and shoegaze to create a unique blend of 80's influenced pop drawing on inspiration from the likes of U2, Depeche Mode, M83, and even Madonna. They have performed with such notable artists as Imagine Dragons, Fitz & The Tantrums, The Neighbourhood and Thirty Seconds to Mars. Formed in 2010 when Daly and Improgo reunited after their previous band (that also included Schulte) dissolved a few years earlier, Parade of Lights spent 2010 through 2012 playing shows in the Western US and self-releasing EPs. Their fall 2012 EP “Born to Live, Born to Love” put them on the music blog and industry radar; but their self-released single “We’re the Kids” blew the doors open in the summer of 2013 after it was added to Sirius XM’s Alt Nation channel. That airplay led to a record deal with Astralwerks a few months later. The label released PoL’s “Golden” EP in March of this year; and after touring the US since January, the band is heading into the studio in June to record their debut album.

July 3

Daniel Amedee
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3:00 pm : Daniel Amedee
Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Daniel Amedee is living proof that a musician can be from New Orleans, but not necessarily be of New Orleans, a distinction that courses through his quirky, eccentric songwriting style, informed by a haunting bluesy vocalese that scratches the soul somewhere between Tom Waits and Captain Beefheart, and certainly belies young Daniel’s 27 years. In fact, he’s been at it – writing and producing his own music (and getting by with a little help from his friends) since age 14. Which prompts the question: How and where did this unassuming bundle of talent come to be inhabited by the avant garde spirits of progressive rock and guerilla classical that suffuse his debut CD, and what can we expect from its follow-up, Climbing? Amedee performs live as a two piece with his bandmate Sarah Burke and although the records are rock infused they are not to squander the power of the live set. Just by using two vocals, one guitar, and ambient sounds, these two create a peaceful and soul reckoning atmosphere.

Kelcy Mae
4:15 pm : Kelcy Mae
Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Combining traditional southern folk with a bluesy alt-rock sound, New Orleans singer-songwriter Kelcy Mae hits a pitch perfect balance of Americana and pop rock that follows in the tradition of musical greats like Natalie Merchant’s 10,000 Maniacs, Kasey Chambers, Lucinda Williams, Neko Case and more. Kelcy Mae’s newest release, Half-Light, marks her boldest foray yet into the rich tradition of pop music at its finest—energetic, smart and inventive. Expanding on her signature Americana style, the new album features infectious hooks and catchy melodies to accompany the poetic lyrics that are a Kelcy Mae calling card. The record presents a beautiful tribute to her musical influences as it moves seamlessly from roots and folk¬-inflected tunes to blues and rock ‘n’ roll arrangements. Through it all, Kelcy Mae maintains her unique style and voice, which is rooted in the intimate themes of love, friendship, joy and heartbreak.

Ten Strings And A Goatskin
Download tracks Kick The Crow
5:30 pm : Ten Strings And A Goatskin
Hometown: Rustico, PEI

Multiple nominees for the 2013 Canadian Folk Music Awards, TEN STRINGS AND A GOAT SKIN, a young bilingual trad/folk/fusion trio celebrating the music of the Irish, Acadien, French & Maritime cultures, is known for a rare musicality that belies the musicians young ages. Integrating modern & world rhythms with traditional & original tunes they create a fiery, contagious & unique sound hascaught the attention of French and English Canadian & international stages. Awarded MUSIC PEI's 2012 Roots Traditional Recording of the Year, nominated for 2012 East Coast Music Association's Roots Traditional Group Recording of the Year for their debut album, "Tri", they continue to make waves with the launch of their bilingual CD "Corbeau", earning another ECMA nomination for Roots Traditional Group Recording of the Year in 2014. A lengthy touring resume includes premier Canadian, US & European folk festivals & showcases. With wit, humour & seemingly ceaseless energy, Jesse Periard, with brothers Rowen & Caleb Gallant, seemingly ignite onstage as Tens Strings And A Goat Skin.

Moonrise Nation
Download tracks Empty Hearted
6:45 pm : Moonrise Nation
Hometown: Chicago, IL

July 4

3:00 pm : Tall Heights
Hometown: Cambridge, MA

In the summer of 2010, Tim Harrington and Paul Wright were playing for spare change in Boston’s Faneuil Hall Marketplace. In just a few short years, Tall Heights has spread a harmonic, reverberating buzz across the country, selling out clubs in the Northeast and Northwest, down to Austin, TX for South By Southwest Music Festival, and performing alongside national acts like Laura Marling, Marc Cohn, Ryan Montbleau and Wild Child.

The Ballroom Thieves
Download tracks Down by the River
4:15 pm : The Ballroom Thieves
Hometown: Boston, MA

Truly a high-energy rock trio performing under the guise of well-crafted, emotionally sincere folk, the Thieves have released two well-received EPs since getting their start three years ago. With a strong presence in the Boston area and New England, they have received press from local blog luminaries such as Allston Pudding, who said of the Thieves live performance, “The intensity and passion The Ballroom Thieves had for the songs they delivered- it was hard to believe it was just three of them.” The Thieves have begun to branch out from New England, touring around the country with well-known stalwarts such as The Lone Bellow, Dispatch, Railroad Earth and Houndmouth, among others.

Vinyl Theatre
Download tracks Take Me Home
5:30 pm : Vinyl Theatre
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee-based band Vinyl Theatre defines their music as modern indie-rock with elements of electronica and pop, marked with bright synths, catchy hooks, lush vocal harmonies, and loud guitars. Described by critics as “mellowly loud”, “pop-savvy”, and “delightfully dancy”, Vinyl Theatre has a powerful sound all their own. Their latest EP, “Chromatic”, is not only a fun and upbeat album but a record of how the band has grown and progressed in the year since their official start - from honing their art of songwriting, to continually strengthening their sound, to developing a powerful live show. The strong and positive reception of Chromatic thus far has garnered them attention from all over, and has propelled each single onto Soundcloud’s Trending Music page, landing them a number one spot on Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart.

Max Frost
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6:45 pm : Max Frost
Hometown: Austin, TX

There are a few things you should know about musician, producer and songwriter Mx Frost. He developed his eclectic style of music playing in various projects throughout his teen years. Max became a musician when he was eight, learning guitar simply because music was always around him and he loved it. He started playing shows at 12 and collaborated with a diverse array of artists like Austin icon Bob Schneider and hip-hop MC/producer Kydd. After hearing musicians like Erykah Badu and D'Angelo in his late teens, Max began incorporating hip-hop elements into his blues-inspired stylings, interested in the idea of combining modernrhythms with classic vintage tones in his music.

July 5

Balkun Brothers
3:00 pm : Balkun Brothers
Hometown: Hartford, CT

The band is led by The 2013 Massachusetts Blues Society and 2012 Connecticut Blues Society Solo/Duo Competition winners, Nick and Steve Balkun. Steve Balkun also was a top ten finalist in the 2013 Guitar Center Bluesmaster Competition and played with blues great, Joe Bonamassa in Los Angeles, CA as well as being a grand finalist at the 2013 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN. Nick and Steve are joined by fellow up-and-coming musician Caleb Battersby (bass), who also brings a young and energetic approach to the recordings and live shows that Balkun Brothers are becoming known for. After consistently touring throughout the Northeast U.S., as well as on the West Coast, and playing hundreds of shows per year since their inception in 2010, the band’s power and cosmic communication through their unique blend of music has brought fans to their feet on a regular basis. The band has released three official live albums in addition to their debut studio EP ‘God Bless Our Fallout Shelter’ which has been met by rave reviews since its release in the Fall of 2013. Balkun Brothers also recorded and released a live DVD that was shot at South Shore Music Hall in Boston, MA in early 2013.

Tove Lo
4:15 pm : Tove Lo
Hometown: Stockholm, SE

As anyone with ears will tell you, Sweden is quite good when it comes to fostering amazing pop talent. With Stockholm's Tove Lo, however, the typical mould of elegant heartfelt electropop has been beautifully corrupted by the sort of lyrical honesty and rawness that not only ruffles feathers, but makes you want to clutch your hand to your chest and wail along at the top of your lungs. With her first single “Habits (Stay High)” taking over the airwaves and topping the charts, Tove Lo is ready to take her pop confessionals to a whole new level.

5:30 pm : Stop Light Observations
Hometown: Mt. Pleasant, SC

Charleston, South Carolina artist Stop Light Observations, also known as SLO started playing together at the young age of 13 when songwriter, and pianist John-Keith Culbreth asked guitarist Louis Duffie the iconic teenager a question.... "wanna start a band?" Through the young years of focusing on writing great songs, the young duo picked up childhood friend Luke Withers(drums), and Will Blackburn(vocals). Over time the adding of Coleman Sawyer on bass and fiddle, and Wyatt Garey on lead guitar, formulated the power-dynamic six piece rock group know as Stop Light Observations. Stop Light Observations plays a unique style described as Transformational Rock with influences of ; Classic Rock N' Roll, Indie, Motown, Hip-hop and Folk, Revival, Psychedelic, Garage, and Arena Rock. They claim their drive is the fun and spirit of performing and creating great songs, but most of all the camaraderie that is shared with this group of life long friends.The truly unique band Stop Light Observations plans on furthering their impact on the national level while creating an awakening of truth in a world dominated by misperceptions, with their passion and art.

The Last Year
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6:45 pm : The Last Year
Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Hailing from Baltimore, The Last Year is an alternative rock band. Stemming from the duo of frontwoman/vocalist Niki Barr and bassist/synth player Scott Ensign, the pair is complemented by drummer BJ Kerwin and guitarist Scott Griffith. Together, the group approach their music with a kaleidoscopic attitude, embracing diverse influences and refusing to give in to conventions. Having toured over 30 countries on three continents, The Last Year is no stranger to the stage sharing bills with such artists as Paramore, Joan Jett, The Cult, Sevendust, Shinedown, The Offspring and more. With an explosive live performance, guided by Barr’s coy, airy vocals that she expertly transforms into powerful rock melodies, and Ensign’s layers of synth growls, their show is a spectacle and a must-see.

July 6

Todd Kessler and The New Folk
3:00 pm : Todd Kessler & The New Folk
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Ace Reporter
Listen to Stream
4:15 pm : Ace Reporter
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Founded in New York City and now based in Chicago, Ace Reporter was born of exhaustion. “I was burned out by music in every way, except creatively,” explains Chris Snyder, the creative force behind the band. “I just wanted to write.” And so he did, finishing a new song every 24 hours for 365 consecutive days. The songs that resulted from this threesixfive project span most of the genres so often prefixed by “indie” -- rock, folk, electro, pop. But they are also immediate and cohesive, grounded as much by propulsive beats and hooky melodies as by the dark wit in Snyder’s lyrics. Following Snyder’s move to Chicago in 2013, the band’s membership solidified into a powerful four-piece: Snyder on vocals and guitar, Ben Dacoba on drums, Corbin Howard on keys, and Gordon Walters on bass. Having toured with bands as diverse as The Fratellis and Steel Pulse, Ace Reporter has gained the reputation of a band that shouldn’t be able to top their recordings…until you see them live. Yearling XL, an extended edition of the band’s debut album with three bonus tracks is available through Ooh La La Records.

Cody Brooks
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5:30 pm : Cody Brooks
Hometown: Nashville, TN

Cody Brooks is a non genre American recording artist native to Nashville TN. A prolific songwriter and poet, Cody has written hundreds of songs sprawling across all styles of music and sound. Raw and unapologetic, Cody Brooks' music demands the attention of his listeners, bringing an iconic status to the stage and studio that is undeniable. Potty trained in an out house, bathed in a creek, and raised listening to old 78s and campfire songs, Cody's upbringing was anachronistic in every degree. At 15, he had already played every historical delta blues juke joint in the deep south, as well as the real crossroads, where the Southern meets the Yellow Dog. Accepted by his heroes and peers as the future of American music, Cody Brooks is now stepping out of the shadows of Nashville to bring his music to the international spotlight.

The Weeks
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6:45 pm : The Weeks
Hometown: Jackson, MS

Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, The Weeks (Cyle Barnes – vocals; Sam Williams – guitar; Damien Bone – bass; Cain Barnes – drums; Alex Admiral Collier - keyboards) came together in 2006 and instantly came to define the sound of Southern Rock in the 21st Century – their grunge-powered, high-octane anthems rich with a bottomless Delta soul far deeper than the boys’ teenage years would suggest. Like any great rock ‘n’ roll outfit worth its salt, The Weeks played as often as humanly possible, with countless club dates across the Southeast and tours alongside such like-minded acts as Local H, North Mississippi Allstars, and the one and only Meat Puppets. Their extraordinary energy and outsized performances – not to mention a series of well-received independently issued releases – earned them a fervent fan following and ultimately, a deal with the like-minded Serpents and Snakes Records, who reissued the band’s second full-length outing, Gutter Gaunt Gangster